Wednesday, August 11, 2010

rainy days, sunny days...

As August rolled in with the brief reprieve of rain and cooler temperatures. (Brief.) These are my absolute favorite days...heavy fog, chilly air, constant rain, gray skies, etc... I've always called it "castle weather." Something about days like this are incredibly calming. Years ago, in sunny South Florida, I used to savor days like this because it felt like the world was forced to slow down. Everything seems less frantic and fast. But it definitely takes on a new dimension in the mountains. Other-worldly. In these pics, I was trying to capture a full, gorgeous rainbow right out front, but it disappeared in the time that I ran for my camera.

When it warmed back up, there are/were several days when it was cooler outside than in the house by evening-time. Roll-in-the-grass time.

I cannot seem to orient this picture. Hayden is such a good big sister. She takes such good care of Gilead.

Happy Mid-Summer to you!


  1. ahh Gill looks so big, his expression is so changed since I saw him. The photos are wonderful, I do hope we have a chance to visit vefore our big journey, Kaleena keeps asking..
    I see you cut all the grass down, looks nice