Sunday, April 3, 2011

road trip to florida, part two: cousin fun

 There are few things in the world that are better than cousin time.  :)  My brother and his wife have 8 kids, and their youngest 5 are the same ages as my five.  So, it's like five sets of twins!  And they are almost that close, too.  But these little guys were really just getting to know each other better.  In their own little way....

The big boys!

These two.  There aren't words....

That's one big pile of cousin slumber.  I think they only actually bunked together the first night or two.  Then, it was just too much stimulation for everyone and splitting up worked better.  

One of many, many, many tea parties.  How SWEET are they?? 

And lots of dress-up

dress up + trampoline!

Oh, and I may have snuck in a nap or two...or ten.  Come on, first of all there were adults and teenagers all over the place watching the kids, and PLEASE look at this couch and blanket and tell me you would not crawl into it immediately and fall into a REM slumber.  Tell me. 

Lots of salon activity...

OH, the choices!

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  1. i bet you would need a nap after the drive. so fun that the kids are all so close in age.