Wednesday, November 2, 2011

farmer's market

The Farmer's Market

 Most Saturdays, I can barely get set up and situated before business starts and I never do have time to take some pictures.   But this last Saturday, that was not the case.  It was freezing.  Literally.  I nearly died.  Well, not really.   But it was truly, painfully cold.  It snowed from time to time.  And aside from a few die hard fans, there was really no traffic.  This left me some time to chat with the other ladies, drink about 32-48 oz. of hazelnut red-eyes, take some pics, and freeze to death. 

Connor and Elliot have been a big help to me this season.  There's not necessarily alot to do during market, but there is plenty of loading and unloading at the start and finish of the day.  And they make my coffee run(s), which makes them therefore priceless.

Oh the beauty.  The beauty!  It's good for the body, and the soul.

Radishes, beets, sweet peppers, daikon radishes, watermelon radishes...

Three types of kale, and collard greens...

two turnip varieties, rainbow chard back there...

more chard, mustard greens, three cabbage varietes, and (sigh) kohlrabi.  Which may possibly be my favorite food of all time.  Ever.  Always.  Always and forever.  I heart you, kohlrabi, I really do. 

It was snowing just then, but you can't really tell. 

The other vendors...

 Normally, there is a full pavilion of vendors, but most people valued their lives and sanity on this particular week and stayed the fire..with coffee....and a book....and perhaps knitting.  And did I mention warmth?  And health?  And sanity?  Ok.  I did. 
If you came out last week, thank you!!  And we have extended the market, so I will be back for the first three Saturdays in November.  (Hopefully, under less life-threatening weather conditions.)  We still have plenty of produce, and even a few more things that are laughing frost in the face.  So, Floydians, come out!! 

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  1. your space is truly a work of art. i love how you have it displayed. so pretty. sorry it was so cold that day. I'm not ready for the cold yet either. so proud of you guys. i have never heard of that last veggie. next time we are together you will have to make me some of it :) love ya.