Monday, May 31, 2010

smart view

Yesterday, we took a little drive to a place off the Blue Ridge Parkway called Smart View. It's only a few miles away, and we played some ball, the boys rode their bikes, and we hiked a little on the trails as well.

Elliot was born to climb trees. I'm pretty sure that almost every time I looked at him ,he was halfway up a tree- or trying. He's a natural.

When you live in the mountains, it's pretty exciting to find open fields and meadows to be able to ride a bike around or kick a soccer ball. That's the interesting thing about where we live now. We are sort of on a plateau in the BR mountains, so we are a few thousand feet up in elevation, but there are some nice flat spots such as these.

A "right smart view".

Blair's pointing out to Novah what he thinks is poison hemlock. (which killed Socrates, etc, etc...)

What? Poison?? What is it about a substance that causes death or injury that brings kids running? I'm thinking that the next time I call them to come get their clothes off the floor or to actually flush the toilet when they're through, I will just call, "Connor, Elliot....POISON!!!!" And they'll be there in a flash.

A sweet little creek...

That's me with a really silly face. Rocking the Moby Wrap. I love that thing. So comfortable and easy. A little warm, yes, but I prefer it to a sling.

Why, shocking! Elliot in a tree?

Elliot...a tree climber? I had no idea!


  1. i'm excited to see you blogging. i enjoyed catching a peek of you all, and look forward to staying in touch this way. the kids look great, congrats on your new son gil, hope we can meet some day.

  2. what fun hikes you get to go on. i think i am still most shocked with how big elliot is. it seems like he has changed the most since i have seen you guys. i still remember him like he was when you were in g'ville.

  3. Love the pictures and your blog. Always makes me smile.