Saturday, July 16, 2011

summer is for....


stripping old things
 starting fresh things

birthday cake

wild berries

 birthday fireworks.  (um, they were for me....right?)

 more wild berries
knitting little socks

and yet more wild berries

 apples, picked with friends.  (they taste better)
 seeding flats
 cicada forts
 can't. stop. reading.
 small hands knitting
 the berry king


  1. Now you really must update me, by the looks of it, you are staying put?
    Looks like a lovely summer, miss berries plenty.
    I am so impressed with the sock knitting!
    Much love to you and yours

  2. So sweet! I love the gentleness of Blair's hands in the picture.

  3. Love this post. You make me want to move up there with you! Literally, my heart sings when I read your posts like this. Love it.