Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hayden's 5th Birthday!

Five times around the sun for my little Hayden! Can't believe it. This was a few nights before she was born...

She was born on the eve of Hurricane Katrina. Of all my five births, I believe that Hayden's was the most peaceful. It was a Wednesday night, and some friends brought my boys (ages 2 and 1, then) to church that night. It was a gorgeous evening. Even though it was August in south Florida, we were beginning to get the outer bands of the hurricane so it was pretty breezy, and the sky was incredible.

After my midwife got to my house, she checked me out and sent me out for a walk. So Blair and I went to for a walk on the golf course behind our house and marveled at the breeze and the purple sky.

I remember walking back into my home and feeling so refreshed and invigorated. My good friends had come over and while we were out walking, they dimmed the lights in the house, lit candles in my room, and filled the home with prayer, music, and peace. I remember feeling completely relaxed and my midwife and friends did everything to protect that space and maintain peace.

After just a few hours, I was able to reach down and deliver Hayden myself and discover that she was a girl- a beautiful girl! Hayden Marie.

And then her first birthday...
Her second birthday...
Her third birthday...
Her fourth birthday...
And now, we celebrate her fifth year around the sun!
With a sun cake...

And flowers from Daddy...
And family... (another blog, altogether!)
And her birthday bike and basket!

Just days after turning five, she lost her first tooth!
Happy birthday, beautiful Hayden...


  1. she is SO gorgeous! i remember those pictures of you guys on the night she was born. what an amazing night. i love that she got flowers from her daddy too. such a sweet picture of the two of them.

  2. How sweet to know the story.
    I lost a few years of pictures and would not be able to go back to Kaleenas birth through pictures:(
    Tomorrow we will celebrate her seven circles around the sun.
    Wish you were here