Friday, September 10, 2010

R-Attack...a.k.a. The Reinhardts visit the Watkins

How can I accurately express how much fun we all had last week? My brother, his wife, and their 8 children were here visiting us and we simply had the best time. I am doing my best to sift through the 500 (literally) pictures taken and just get the gems. We hung out at some of our favorite places here in the mountains, we ate great food, we played games every night, we laughed, and we made tons of memories. I love seeing my kids bond with their cousins...making a connection that I know will be lifelong. Here are the highlights!

Fairy Stone State Park. We love this lake, and the kids had such a blast.

From left to right...Novah, Karly, Aly, Hayden, Tori, Cassie, Madison, Gil, Connor, Dylan, Kayla, Carson, and Elliot.

The only thing better than music filling the on the front porch...

Fun around the house...

The guys go fishing...

Smart View Rec. Park...just off the Blue Ridge of our favorite places to hike and play...

Slumber par-tay...minus the slumber.

the boys visit the farm...

After everyone left, I went into a mild-to-moderate depression. I know that in our culture, the nuclear family has become the norm. We no longer live with or near our parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, etc... But there's something to be said for it. And I hope our two families will be closer one day. In the meantime, we have the memories. (and the pictures, for sure) Here's to family.


  1. These are truly great pictures and memories. We just spent a long weekend at the lake in Sebring, with all the Widmaiers and Scott and Nicole came over too. Bonnie and Jori satyed with us for a week. I did not like coming back to the empty house after dropping off at the airport. Good to catch up with you this way Katie, love seeing all the smiles.

  2. fun times. looks like some really awesome places you got to play together.

  3. I'm with you about feeling down after everyone left. It was so good to see almost all the family together. Oh well...the pictures are great.