Monday, April 11, 2011

road trip to florida, part five: down south

I'm so glad that we were able to make it down to Coral Springs to visit with some of my besties...

Some of my all-time besties.  I love these ladies.
Pool time.  (it was a little chilly)
E. finds a turtle in the pool!

I really loved these shots.

My boys were a little obsessed with this game while we were there.  These two were so cute working together.
Movie time.  (Read: Time when the big people get to actually talk.)  :)

Elliot inspired a little spontaneous swing time when he saw a rope hanging (pretty high) from the tree in the backyard.
Brave E. likes that idea.
Hayden takes a turn.

Later that week, we went back down to Boca Raton to meet up with Blair's mom, brother and two grandmas.  Also, some of my favorite people in the world. 

I know these are a little blurry, but they are still treasures to me.  Great Grandma Carol is just so sweet and Novah immediately snuggled right up to her to read books and look at dolls.  These Grandmas hadn't seen the kids in about two years, so we had alot of catching up to do. 

Grandma Jayme had some sweet cuddle time with baby Gil.  :)
Uncle Jake!  Sorry, the only good pic we got was mid-chew.  He took a break from his tennis to hang out with the kids.  They loved him!
Hanging by the pool.

Sweet Great Grandma Shirley.  (These ladies do NOT look like grandmas and great-grandmas!  Really!)  She had some special time with the little ones as well.  I love this lady!

And a little nod to my alma mater, while passing by. 

I know this picture does it little justice, but this was the night before the "supermoon" when the moon was pretty full.  Every night while we were in FL, we had these gorgeous, clear skies with breathtaking sunsets and moon rises.  I had to pause to let it soak in.  

This may have been the first time, since moving away that I actually really enjoyed Florida, in a sense.  Because I feel so removed, I was able to look past the commercialism and consumerism (and, uh, even partake a tiny bit) and enjoy the broad, wide open skies.  The horizon line.  Something we don't have in the mountains.  I found myself stopping all the time and just taking in the landscape.  It was lovely.  And that brings me to the beach, the next post in my series....stay tuned!


  1. I totally feel you on the not enjoying being in Florida because of the consumerism, etc. We have had that talk many, many times. I think it takes being at a place of contentment in your life to be able to look past it in Boca and S. Fla. and actually enjoy the beauty of it. And then say a blessing of thanks for how far you have come because so many have not. We say ALL the time we never could raise our kids there.

  2. Hello Katie, Sorry I missed seeing you when you were in So FL. I think I was in TN with Bonnie and the kids when you were here. Looks like you had a great visit and caught up with a lot of family and friends. Glad to see you and your beautiful family looking so well. Love ya, mama-p