Monday, April 4, 2011

road trip to florida, part three: more family fun

My Novah girl.  I think there were a few days where I didn't see my children at all.  They were perfectly happy to run around with their cousins and just be in their own little world.  During one of those days, someone apparently dolled Novah up and got some sweet little shots.  I'm guessing it was Tori or Madison. 

Aunt Kenya, Novah, and Hayden before church.

The five year olds!  Karly and Hayden. 

Gil and Uncle Marty.  I think it was naptime for both.  :)

Oh look!  There I am on a red sofa again!  What a shock!  So, even though I am a country girl, I seem to have NO problem enjoying the perks of city life while on vacation.  I took advantage of the fact that I was a 2 minute drive from....well, almost everything.  I think I went to Starbucks every day.  And seen here, I am enjoying some frozen yogurt.  Really enjoying it. 

My Tori girl.  I think she changed almost every diaper Gil had while we were there!  She's awesome. And she really looks like me.  Get that girl another Tutti-Frutti!

There were a few weddings in the backyard.  Karly is zipping Hayden up here.  These pics are treasures for sure.

How do the Reinhardt girls have awesome silly faces here and girls are like...what?  I think they need to be told to be serious and then they would make the goofy face. 

Wii time!  A first for my guys. 

Reading time with Aunt Kenya.  I was probably off taking a nap on some red sofa somewhere. 

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  1. ok , so novah is never allowed to wear makeup again right? wow she is going to be a knock out. oh i just smile when i read these posts. SO SO glad you and the kids had an awesome time.